Our Services

Our services for corporate and individual investors, with an emphasis on real estate and private equity investment. Our focus is to provide long-term returns for investors. We critically assess markets, industries and organizations to uncover insights, so we are informed before we invest. Moreover, we take a client-centric approach and follow ethical business practices to provide customers with investments that aligns with both their expectations and ideals. Our teams have completed investments in these areas globally and both areas have portfolio management teams that maintain continuous oversight of each investment and ensure that every investment realizes their maximum potential and realizes the best possible returns for investors.


We act as a principal in alternative investments, offering clients global investment opportunities in a variety of sectors on a deal-by-deal and fund basis. We ensure alignment of incentive with our investors by making sizeable equity investments alongside our investors in each of our portfolio companies. We employ a well rounded Investors Relationship Management team consisting of highly qualified professionals with in-depth experience in relationship management and private banking.

We dedicate resources to investor communications. Investors receive semi-annual updates on each of their portfolio. These updates provide portfolio investment performance and present updates.

Real Estate

Our real estate team structures, arranges and manages real estate investments. Experienced real estate professionals analyze opportunities across a broad spectrum of transaction structures, geographies and return profiles to provide a diverse mix of attractive real estate investment opportunities for investors. Our real estate team sets a target date to exit investments from three to seven years, depending on the type of investment and the market. If an attractive opportunity for exit occurs, we will support an earlier exit.

Supporting our overall business strategy and providing more diverse investment opportunities for investors, our real estate team extends its focus to develop initiatives.

Private Equity

We invest in established companies with proven, dedicated management teams, superior product or service offerings, and demonstrated potential to outpace industry growth. We focus on opportunities that fall within sectors where our industry knowledge, experience, and insights can help enhance growth prospects.

We developed and refined our investment model over a number of investments and structures beginning with sourcing projects from direct approaches made to partners.